Treatment Journey

Once a patient has confirmed their commitment to a treatment program at TLCP, their custom-designed personal treatment plan will be prepared and relayed to the clinic prior to the patient’s arrival. So, the entire medical staff is completely aware and prepared for the therapies and related details that will be used in the particular patient’s treatment plan.

On arrival at the center, the patient will go through the initial blood tests – if they were not obtained prior to arrival – and will be put on a detoxification plan. This means the patient will either start with the Master Detox Program or a water fasting program for a 7-14 day duration. The detoxification program will help the individual to cleanse the toxic accumulation and enhance the immune and healing activities within the body, as well as becoming an unsuitable host for the existing cancer cells to grow.

During a detoxification diet plan, the patient’s meals/juices/supplements are all scheduled and everything will be served on time, wherever the patient is, by our friendly juice bar and kitchen staff.

In the meantime, the cancer treatment procedure will be run by the clinic to kickstart the elimination of cancer cells through targeted metabolic treatments and detoxification.

A patient will spend their day between the clinic building, juice-bar area, medical spa, therapy building and room. Since the resort is not a hospital or an all purpose clinic, the environment will always be cozy and peaceful for the patient, which is deliberately designed to promote calmness and tranquility.

The cancer patients, from the remaining time of their treatments and therapies, are always socializing with other cancer patients or detox guests within the center, during meal times, resting times or group activities such as beach walks, workshops, yoga and meditation, breathing sessions and so on.

A typical day for an average cancer patient at TLCP will have a schedule looking like this:

07:00 – Morning Walk

08:00 – Shake

08:30 – Meditation with Tenzin

09:30 – Yoga

10:00 – 12:00 – IV treatment (clinic)

12:30 – Lunch or shake

14:00 – Adjunct therapy (colon cleansing, Bemer, Lymphatic work etc.)

15:00 – 17:00 – IV treatment (clinic)

18:00 – Meal/shake

19:00 – Lecture / workshop / movie screening

More information about success ratio about cancer treatments can be found here.

*The timing of certain activities may change depending on the season.