Who is Dr. Thomas Lodi and What's the Role of Nature in Cancer Treatment

Who Is Dr. Thomas Lodi And What’s The Role Of Nature In Cancer Treatment

Can you tell us about yourself Dr. Lodi?

I’m a conventionally trained medical doctor. After attending medical school at the University of Hawaii, I did residency training in New York at St. Lukes/Roosevelt
Hospital, Columbia University. I practiced conventional medicine for about 10 years until one day I realized that it just didn’t work.

It was clear that we were really not helping people with chronic diseases at all. If they came in with arthritis, ten years later they still had arthritis but now they were on
multiple drugs and suffering from the side effects of the drugs prescribed for the condition.

It didn’t matter which chronic condition they had, it was the same outcome…no one gets “cured”. It was also clear that the only way that we were/are able to help were/are in acute situations
such as trauma, heart attacks, and other emergency situations. We really have no answers because certainly poisoning someone who is sick just doesn’t make sense as a therapeutic strategy.

How did you decide to pursue a career in integrative oncology?

After realizing what we were doing as conventional doctors and that we really did not help people, I stopped working and traveled around the world to different health centers and
clinics….I would read about different doctors who I found were brilliant and had therapies that made sense and had a scientific foundation and then would apprentice with them.

After spending a couple of years training around the world, I returned to New York and pursued the field that I originally loved, oncology. For about the last 17 years, I’ve been practicing what has become known as “integrative oncology”. We integrate conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Thai medicine and we bring it all together.

Every one of them is useful to some degree and what we have learned is that it’s necessary to integrate them. We use the most effective therapies from each healing discipline but the foundation of what we do, which is antithetical to what most medical doctors and scientists do, is that we have a reverence and respect for nature and nature is always our guide hence we work with nature not against it.

What role does science play with your treatments Dr. Lodi?

When it was raising its head from the ashes of the Dark Ages the stated goal of science was to dominate and control nature and this is what the goal of science has been and
the consequences are obvious. We are attempting to dominate nature and in so doing we are damaging it and it’s absolutely crazy because we are part of nature and so we’re like soiling our nest and we are getting very sick from it. 

 At The LifeCo Clinic, we work with nature, harness nature because of our great respect and reverence for it and absolutely never work against it. We do follow new scientific discoveries, adopt certain methodologies but we never forget that there is more to science than manufacturing drugs and poisoning people.

Botanical Science and human physiology and biochemistry are real, pure science. Real healing is only possible when a person is in the right environment with a balanced and calm/peaceful mind. Did you know 70% of conventional oncologists admit that they would not use the medication they prescribe for their patients on themselves or their loved ones?

What about the diet during cancer treatment?

If we realize the cancer is a consequence of an accumulation of toxins then we realize that we have to remove those toxins and we should provide only substances that can be used to make healthy cells and that’s what the diet is about. The “detox” cleans out the toxins first and then we start a diet and this particular diet is a plant-based vegan diet and also keep in mind when you look at nature there’s no animal that barbecues.

There’s no animal that’s cooking their food because cooking, applying fire to anything will destroy it. It will change it chemically and produce a lot of products that are no longer usable by the body and if they’re not usable by the body they need to be gotten rid of. So we need to keep food as natural as possible.

Nature produces tomatoes, not tomato sauce. What we do at The LifeCo is providing delicious food, rather than food-like things. People have come here and said that’s better than cooked food.

We know that cancer cells require about 19 to 20 times more glucose (more sugar) than healthy cells and we also know that our healthy cells can easily survive and thrive on fat for fuel, whereas cancer cells can’t. It’s a no brainer; high healthy-fat low-glucose diet will allow the person to have the energy to go on and feel wonderful and at the same time will be cancer-free.

We have a variety of diets in that category anywhere from fifty to sixty percent good healthy fats which include seeds, avocados, coconuts, pates, nuts and stuff you know healthy fats to a seventy eighty percent. Such as the ketogenic diet.

What are your top cancer prevention tips and cancer healing tips?

Health is our natural state of being! Once the impediments are removed and the raw materials and energy to rebuild the body are supplied health results. It is interesting that we are branded as “extreme”, those of us who seek health in the only way it can be obtained. So: fasting, juicing, raw vegan diet, colon cleansing, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and water, plenty of sleep, yoga or Qigong, meditation and surrender to ‘the way it is’.

Also, don’t take anything you hear or read as gospel. Do your own research! A woman who starts getting “recommended” mammograms every year in her 30s is almost guaranteed to develop breast cancer. Breasts are composed of complex tissues with multiple metabolic functions so when these soft tissues are squashed and then irradiated, it would be improbable that no damage would occur.

Would the doctors who tell women to get mammograms squash and irradiate their testicles? Breast ultrasound is often used to confirm the results of positive mammograms so why not start out with this non-ionizing, nontoxic method of screening?

What to avoid

Drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational, including alcohol and nicotine

Cooked food – especially: junk and processed food; all flesh, eggs, and dairy products; refined sugar in all its guises.

Microwaved food

Non-organic food

Tap water or water from plastic bottles

Skin, hair and body care products (including makeup) containing manmade chemicals

Toxic relationships

Negative emotions

Stress, exhaustion and/ or lack of sleep

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones (mobile phones) and wireless internet connections

Mammograms, X-rays and other procedures involving ionizing radiation

Amalgam fillings and root canals

Living in a polluted, oxygen-poor environment such as a big city

What to include

Live, water-rich raw vegetables and fruits

Plentiful raw vegetable juices made with predominantly dark greens (you can enhance the taste by adding lemon and a little pear or green apple)

Pure water, meaning either spring water (not bottled in plastic) or filtered water

Regular colonics

Yoga or Qigong

Regular cardiovascular exercise

Plenty of fresh air and sunshine

Fun, laughter and loving relationships


Plenty of sleep. Get to bed before 9 pm whenever possible and strive to make it possible often Massages, structural reintegration and other bodywork

As much time as possible in natural environments with clean, oxygen-rich air

No one can do all of this all of the time….that is not the point….the point is to as much of these things as is possible for you most of the time.

Adopt an 80:20 lifestyle with 80% strict and healthy and 20% mild indulgences….not severe but foods and activities that give you pleasure and make you happy.

It is not what we do occasionally or part of the time that affects our health but rather that which we do most of the time that determines our physical, mental and spiritual condition.

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