Understanding The LifeCo Clinic’s Holistic Cancer Treatment Approach

Understanding The LifeCo Clinic’s Holistic Cancer Treatment Approach

The LifeCo-Clinic is changing the way people perceive cancer treatment through our holistic treatment of cancer.

The alternative cancer treatment center is using a holistic approach that incorporates scientifically proven treatments with integrative cancer therapies. The LifeCo offers an individualized treatment program that enables patients to do more than just fight off cancer. More importantly, this cancer care center enables patients to regain their birth right to health.

This approach is anchored on integrative oncology—a field of cancer treatment that combines complementary or integrative therapies with conventional treatment. The use of integrative cancer therapies is aimed at, not just healing the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

Integrative oncology is a “patient-centered” practice that helps patients improve their quality of life from diagnosis to treatment. Yoga, acupuncture, meditation and music therapy are some of the modalities commonly used in this alternative cancer treatment approach.

The LifeCo’s integrative holistic medicine framework: A journey of healing

As a holistic cancer treatment center, The LifeCo has a four-step approach to integrative oncology.

Step 1: Stop making cancer. In this process, patients go through a deep cleansing process to change the body’s biochemistry. The goal is to strengthen the body to a point that it is no longer a viable host for cancer cells.

To truly begin the healing journey, patients undergo therapies that aim to detoxify the body, promote oxygenation and enhance the immune system. These can include colon hydrotherapy, coffee enema, electro lymphatic therapy, sonic table therapy and massage therapies, among others.

Patients are also put under a meal and nutrition plan that will nourish and cleanse the body. This can include dietary cleansing (master detox, juice fasting, water fasting) and a raw-vegan ketogenic diet specially designed for therapeutic purposes.

Step 2: Target cancer cells. Here, the focus is on targeting cancer cells without harming the body in the process. Depending on their individualized treatment program, patients go through metabolic therapies, physical adjunct treatments and immunotherapies.

These intravenously administered metabolic therapies use natural and plant-based substances that target cancer cells based on their metabolic limitations. In some cases, IPT or low dose targeted chemotherapy is used in conjunction with these therapies to weaken the cancer cells’ resistance.

Step 3: Enhance the immune system. Immuno oncology or immunotherapies are designed to “harness the natural tumor killing mechanisms of the patient’s immune system.”

The LifeCo has developed an immunotherapy program which re-awakens and stimulates the immune system in a specific sequence. This is crucial because a randomly applied immunotherapy procedure can promote tumor growth instead of strengthening the immune system.

Step 4: School of Life. This stage of the healing journey involves a re-education aspect to change the patient’s perspective on health and wellness. It also aims to empower patients to gain life-long skills that will help them experience and enjoy sustainable health. It is based on the comprehensive cancer care program developed by renowned advanced integrative medicine expert Dr. Thomas Lodi.

For more information, visit The LifeCo’s website to learn more about this alternative cancer clinic.


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