Ty Bollinger From The Truth About Cancer Features The LifeCo Clinic

Ty Bollinger From The Truth About Cancer Features The LifeCo Clinic Phuket

Ty Bollinger From The Truth About Cancer Features The LifeCo Clinic

The producer of the documentary “The Truth About Cancer” or TTAC Ty Bollinger were our guests at The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket Thailand interviewing Dr. Thomas Lodi.

The LifeCo Clinic was featured in the episode “Thailand: Land of Smiles”. The Truth About Cancer Part Two focused on the prevention of cancer, effective treatments, and health restoration methods that are applied in Asia. Each episode featured a different country.

TTAC traveled to seven Asian countries in their quest of the healing powers of Eastern Medicine. They visited Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India where they interviewed sixty-eight of the top experts which were made up of scientists, researchers, and doctors.

The Truth About Cancer learned firsthand how these doctors and treatment centers helped people heal from cancer. The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket Thailand was the featured healing center as Ty Bollinger sat down to interview Dr. Thomas Lodi, an integrative oncology expert.

Ty and Charlene Bollinger the founders of The Truth About Cancer explain why they wanted to visit these Asian countries

Western medicine is controlled by Big Pharma and continues to squash and silence anything that could possibly disrupt their stranglehold on the healthcare system in the United States. Eastern medicine has been thriving and growing in popularity along with certain aspects of Western medicine which provides patients the best possible outcome. This is especially true as it pertains to treating and healing from cancer.

Dr. Thomas Lodi from The LifeCo Clinic believes in using the best of what Eastern medicine and Western medicine has to offer and putting that into a treatment plan giving the patient the absolute best chance to heal from cancer and have their health restored.

No individual wants to hear they have been diagnosed with cancer. It leaves one feeling powerless as well as terrified. Today’s oncologists offer little hope to patients who have been diagnosed.

These oncologists have never been educated or trained on how to treat cancer effectively. Conversely what they have learned is treating the symptoms of cancer which ultimately means these doctors have no real answers to cancer.

The Truth About Cancer’s Ty Bollinger Asks Dr. Thomas Lodi About His Botanical Therapies

Episode 6 has the TTAC team arriving in Thailand and traveling to the healing center in Phuket, The LifeCo Clinic. This healing center uses a raw vegan plant-based diet with great success for their patients!

Ty Bollinger asked Dr. Lodi about his use of his intravenous botanical therapies. Dr. Lodi uses insulin potentiated curcumin therapy and insulin potentiated quercetin therapy. When he mixes them all together, he calls in insulin potentiated botanical therapy.

These therapies help to treat and reverse cancer. Ty asked why using insulin is important? Dr. Lodi explains that when the mitochondria become damaged, the cells can’t use energy in their normal process of using oxygen and glucose and fermenting takes place.

Fermentation is extremely inefficient when it comes to being energy efficient. The cells are now 19 times less efficient at energy production. This means these now chronically fermenting cells need 19 times more fuel than normal healthy cells.

These insulin potentiated therapies are a way to fool the cancer cells into eating something that will kill them. These therapies act as a Trojan horse. These IV’s are targeted metabolic botanical therapies, they are not a poison.

They are great for reducing inflammation in the body and turning off certain oncogenes. We also use Ozone therapy which is a cutting-edge therapy which is painless and turns on your body’s healing mechanisms and the ability to health from cancer using oxygen.

We also use Artesunate. It comes from the Wormwood tree and has been used in traditional Chinese, traditional Thai and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Artesunate kills Malaria 100%. It is effective against cancer cells for the same reason as it is for Malaria. The cells that have the Malaria organism have high concentrations of iron and so do cancer cells.

Dr. Lodi explains how The LifeCo Clinic also uses fasting. If you research Dr. Longo at USC in regard to fasting and chemo, the results are amazing even under the conventional method with chemotherapy.

If someone fasts the day before, the day of and two days after getting chemotherapy, they have shown to have almost no side effects. Fasting causes a better kill of cancer and it protects the healthy cells.

We don’t’ use chemotherapy here at our healing center but these results clearly show just how powerful fasting is for overall health and especially for the treatment of cancer. Fasting is an important part of our healing protocol.

The LifeCo Clinic Healing Protocol

Ty Bollinger asked Dr. Lodi what a typical day looked like for a person who had cancer and came to The LifeCo Clinic for treatment. Dr. Lodi stated that there are three parts to the cancer care program that occur all at the same time.

First, stop the production of cancer, target and eliminate cancer while doing no harm and third, stimulate and awaken the immune system. These are pieces working together are a beautiful symphony for healing.

When a person first arrives at our healing center, they are put on a non-sweet green juice cleanse and/or master detox. While the doing that, we have them doing colon hydrotherapy, electro lymphatic therapies, massage, walks on the beach, yoga and mindful stretching.

In regard to lymphatic massage, we use both manual and ELT. The ELT (electro lymphatic therapy) uses noble gases, argon, krypton, and others. They are contained in a glass tube and it is moved above the skin along the lymph.

These noble gases are the ones in the periodic table that don’t have any reactivity as they have complete outer shells. For example, chloride, fluoride, and bromide have a negative charge and sodium, potassium and magnesium have a positive charge.

The noble gases are the ones that are neither positive nor negative. The veins are draining out the waste however, 10% of the waste is left on purpose for the lymphatic system to go to the lymph node so that it can figure out if anything needs addressing.

And of course, as discussed, our intravenous metabolic therapies which challenge the cancer cells in a way that they are not able to respond to. We then use our immune therapies such as Gc-MAF, Dendritic Vaccine, IL-2 and others which stimulate and awaken the immune system.

This makes for a powerful integrated protocol with which we have had great success and helping people heal from cancer and restore their health.

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