Treatment Programs

The LifeCo’s three main treatment programs and their functions have been specifically developed to support anyone who has been either recently diagnosed, harshly treated and damaged by conventional standard-of-care or concerned of building cancer in the future. Throughout all of the programs, parallel to our approach and philosophy, we are looking at how to stop making cancer, cleansing the system to change the biochemistry and re-awaken the immune system.

Treatment, recovery and prevention programs are based on nutrition, metabolic treatments, physical and mental activities and most importantly, training of the patient and their relatives for building the knowledge and awareness on how to keep cancer gone.

Every patient’s program is prepared custom by Dr.Thomas Lodi, following the examination of reports and the Skype meeting.

Programs can last from at least 2 weeks –for prevention- to up until 12+ weeks for some cases, depending on one’s availability and commitment.


Cancer Treatment Programs

Cancer Recovery Programs

Cancer Prevention Programs

Does any of the therapies or treatments have a side effect?

As to an average patient, none of the therapies are allergic nor have a side effect. All the ingredients and materials used in treatments are selected specifically to work best with the cancer patients, without doing any harm or an unexpected side effect.

Do you have immunology in your center?

Yes, we do have a selection of immunotherapies that are being brought from Japan and are incredibly effective in the enhancement of the immune system.

Which therapies and treatments will I be going through?

Every patient’s personal treatment plan is prepared prior to their arrival, once Dr.Thomas Lodi examines their reports and does the Skype consultation. A smart combination of most of the therapies is applied with a set frequency during your treatment plan.

How will I know my treatment plan?

We will send you your detailed personal treatment plan with the relevant cost proposal once Dr.Thomas Lodi prepares it. Prior to your arrival at the center, you will be knowing the day by day schedule of yours and the clinic will have your treatment plan projected on their schedule every week. For every patient, there will be a unique treatment plan written, and the immunotherapies will be recommended as an optional plan for some of the patients.

Can I find these treatments and therapies in my hometown?

The application of these therapies to a cancer patient requires high knowledge and experience as they are not executed randomly or all together. Each treatment has its particular role in the big treatment plan and has to be conducted with a particular schedule, frequency and amount.

Are the therapies and treatments administered all natural?

The therapies and treatments you will be applied are all natural and non-cytotoxic ingredients that are meticulously developed by Japanese and German scientists.

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