The LifeCo Phuket Clinic

The LifeCo Clinic is an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center

The LifeCo, since its inception in 2005 has been a prominent wellness brand focusing on a 360° holistic approach based on pillars as healthy nutrition, anti-aging and well-being therapies, prevention treatments for chronic diseases and cancer as well as pampering and beauty treatments alongside with spiritual therapies, all in its physical complexes in three locations worldwide.

The LifeCo’s establishment was inspired by the sole passion and intention of spreading the culture of healthy living and self healing to individuals who need or wish to upgrade in vibrancy and well-being. In our Phuket Center, we have teamed up with Dr Thomas Lodi to apply up to date research and diet based programs alongside Dr Lodi’s noted expertise in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Dr. Thomas Lodi gives an overview of our healing center in Phuket Thailand

Accepting that toxaemia and eventually chronic inflammation is the root of all major diseases and health-threatening symptoms, the protocols and programs of The LifeCo have been engineered to enable individuals to cope well with the toxic input from daily life and help them embrace a healthier lifestyle through the experiences , and information learned throughout the application of any program.

The LifeCo’s all natural approach encompassing raw vegan cuisine, metabolic treatments and therapies, physical and spiritual exercises aims to encourage and facilitate the individual’s transition to a healthier lifestyle. Within the centers and product lines, The LifeCo always uses organic, unprocessed and unrefined ingredients, utilizing whole foods and herbs in a way to enhance human health, energy and well-being.

With high competition in the wellness and cleansing industry in the past decade, The LifeCo have always stood out with its most effective result-oriented detox and healthy nutrition programs that result in an immune enhancement, cellular renewal, weight loss, digestion renewal, skin improvement, improved bowel function, clear-headedness and many more benefits.


We separate nutrition from food, believing in the therapeutic and strengthening ability of the diet, through conscious selections. Every individual can uplift their overall well-being through nutrient dense ingredients, and our premises offer the most nutritiously balanced meals and juices at all times.


Whether an athlete or an office worker, every individual requires certain physical activities in order to stimulate the lymphatic system and hormones that contribute in happiness and mood. Through physical endurance and flexibility within one’s capacity, comes clearer and sharper mental state, which leads to a vibrant life.


The deep cleansing and nourishment processes are effectively influencing the mind. A stress- free, toxin-free individual would no more feel burden in the mind, resulting with higher peace and awareness. Every healthy act has a direct reflection on the mind, thus explaining the holistic aspect of The LifeCo’s cleansing programs.


Premises that are designed to be calming and energizing help individuals to focus more on their healing, rather than dealing with countless amounts of signals we receive from an urban life that cause stress, anxiety, rush and hurry.