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Ty Bollinger From The Truth About Cancer Features The LifeCo Clinic Phuket

The producer of the documentary “The Truth About Cancer” or TTAC Ty Bollinger were our guests at The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket Thailand interviewing Dr. Thomas Lodi. The LifeCo Clinic was featured in the episode “Thailand: Land of Smiles”. The Truth About Cancer Part Two focused on the prevention of cancer, effective treatments, and health restoration methods [...]

Understanding The LifeCo Clinic’s Holistic Cancer Treatment Approach

The LifeCo-Clinic is changing the way people perceive cancer treatment through our holistic treatment of cancer. The alternative cancer treatment center is using a holistic approach that incorporates scientifically proven treatments with integrative cancer therapies. The LifeCo offers an individualized treatment program that enables patients to do more than just fight off cancer. More importantly, […]

Importance of Following a Raw Diet during Cancer Treatment

It’s very important, not only to ensure optimal nutrition and immune functioning but also to preserve pancreatic enzymes, which begin protecting us from cancer at six weeks of foetal age. When you continually destroy the enzymes in your food through heat, the pancreatic enzymes lose their ability to destroy cancer, so one of the best [...]

Ozone Therapies at The LifeCo

Ozone is one of several oxidativetherapies used to modify the biochemistry of human body so that it strengthensthe immune system as well as eliminates micro-organisms, cancer cells andneutralizes toxic chemicals. Oxidative therapies mean that we takeadvantage of the fundamental way that the body works by enhancing oxidation.Oxidation-reduction, or ‘redox’ reactions are how energy in the [...]

Artesunate & Cancer Relationship

1. From Malaria to Babesia to Cancer Artemisinin is an active ingredient extracted from Chinese herbal medicine Qing Hao (Herba Artemisiae annuae), a sweet wormwood plant. Artemisinin and its molecule-modified derivatives, such as artesunate are first used as anti-malaria medication and now found they are also potent anti cancer remedies. (Efferth T, et al., 2001) […]

Artesunate for Cancer Treatment

Artesunate is a compound that is derived from the wormwoodplant used in many therapies to detoxify and enhance bowel elimination. Thisplant has been used in China and India and other botanically based healingdisciplines around the world  formillennia to treat malaria and intestinal parasites Another name for Artesunateis one form of ‘artimisinin’ or ‘artemesia’ designed for [...]

Cancer Sugar Connection (Why is sugar called “White Death”)

You know that feeling you get when you have a piece of cake or a bar of chocolate? That comforting pleasure feeling, mainly caused by the beta-endorphins rushing to your brain. As pleasurable as it may be, sugar is not your friend, sugar is your enemy. In fact, regular consumption of foods containing sugar is [...]

Chemotherapy (Obvious Facts People Don’t Want to See)

Throughout history, there have been numerous occupations that have proved to be hazardous to those working in those industries. Coal miners breathing in dust which would lead to emphysema and long term lung issues or the munition workers during World War One whose skin turned yellow because of their close contact with the chemicals contained [...]

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Treatment

Even though there have been amazing advances in modern healthcare, the chronic disease continues to plague this world. Maybe we have to say that technological leaps in drugs, genetic therapy and surgery are not the answer. Perhaps we should seek the solution to cancer and chronic disease in regulating the metabolic functions within our bodies. [...]

Who is Dr. Thomas Lodi and What’s the Role of Nature in Cancer Treatment

Can you tell us aboutyourself? I'm a conventionally trained medical doctor. After attending medical school at the University of Hawaii, I did residency training in New York at St. Lukes/RooseveltHospital, Columbia University. I practiced conventional medicine for about 10years until one day I realized that it just didn't work. It was clear that we were [...]