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Artesunate IV For Cancer Treatment

Artesunate IV for cancer treatment is administered intravenously in order to maximize its effectiveness. Artesunate is normally used to treat malaria but did you know that it also has potential anti-cancer benefits? It is water-soluble so it can be administered intravenously. Artesunate iv for cancer treatment has been shown to target cancer cells specifically and [...]

12 Questions To Ask Before Saying Yes To Chemotherapy Treatment

Before committing to chemotherapy treatments make sure you have solid answers to all of these twelve questions. Choosing to undergo chemotherapy is a major decision. Before committing to this treatment, patients must fully understand the procedure and its effects for both the short-term and long-term. Getting sound answers about chemotherapy from a qualified and trusted [...]

The Benefits Of Turmeric For Cancer Treatment

One of the benefits of turmeric for cancer treatment is it stops tumors from growing. Have you heard of turmeric? It is a spice that originates from Asia and Central America. Also known as Indian saffron, turmeric is used in teas, curry powders, and extracts. Turmeric’s active ingredient is curcumin and it has many known [...]

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy Is A Safe And Gentle Process Involving The Delicate Infusion Of Water Into The Colon.   The goal is to expel waste like toxins and residue. Here are four facts you need to know about a colon hydrotherapy procedure. This will explain what a colon hydrotherapy cleanse is and what the benefits are […]

Chelation Treatment For Cancer

Chelation treatment for cancer helps with removing heavy metals from the body. Did you know that metal can build up inside the body and become toxic? It is called heavy metal poisoning. It occurs when certain metals accumulate in the body and cause serious health issues. Our chelation treatment for cancer helps remove these metals [...]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy Or Electro Lymphatic Therapy Is A Type Of Gentle Massage. Do you like massage therapy? It’s no surprise if you do. Massage therapy is a simple and effective way to relax or recover. Lymphatic drainage massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that can do more than just give you […]

Glutathione And Cancer: Metabolic Therapy 101

Glutathione and cancer, the evidence is showing that infusions of glutathione help to reduce the toxic side effects of chemotherapy. You’ve probably heard of glutathione as a skin-lightening agent. However, there’s certainly so much more to this powerful antioxidant than just its perceived cosmetic value. Just by searching for the terms “glutathione and cancer” in [...]

Coffee Enema Benefits Worth Considering

What Are The Coffee Enema Benefits People Should Be Aware Of? What Is A Coffee Enema? Coffee enemas were in the Merck Manuals until 1972. It is a globally recognized medical reference book. We will cover the coffee enema benefits in this article. In a coffee enema, purified water and organic coffee are combined as […]

B17 And Cancer Treatment

B17 and cancer treatment has shown positive effects in helping to induce apoptosis and prevent the spread of cancer cells. Vitamin B17 is a chemical compound found in apricot pits as well as in the seeds of apples, plums, peaches, pears, grapes, cherries and berries. B17 and cancer treatment administered intravenously have no negative side [...]

Ty Bollinger From The Truth About Cancer Features The LifeCo Clinic Phuket

The producer of the documentary “The Truth About Cancer” or TTAC Ty Bollinger were our guests at The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket Thailand interviewing Dr. Thomas Lodi. The LifeCo Clinic was featured in the episode “Thailand: Land of Smiles”. The Truth About Cancer Part Two focused on the prevention of cancer, effective treatments, and health restoration methods [...]