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Curcumin For Cancer Treatment And Healing

Curcumin used for cancer treatment and what you need to know. Also sometimes known as Indian saffron, turmeric is the main spice in curry and is also used to add color and flavor to mustards, cheeses, and even butter. Turmeric contains a bright yellow chemical known as curcumin. Curcumin has shown to be very effective [...]

Importance of Following A Raw Diet During Cancer Treatment

Being on a raw food diet reduces inflammation in the body which is critical while undergoing cancer treatments. It’s very important, not only to ensure optimal nutrition and immune functioning but also to preserve pancreatic enzymes, which begin protecting us from cancer at six weeks of fetal age. When you continually destroy the enzymes in [...]

Ozone Therapies At The LifeCo

Ozone therapies are utilized in the treatment of diseases which limit the effects of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, as well as others. Ozone therapies are one of several oxidative therapies used to modify the biochemistry of the human body so that it strengthens the immune system as well as eliminates micro-organisms, cancer cells and neutralizes [...]

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits

What Are The Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits?   We all know that exercising is good for our health. But there’s one therapy that allows you to maximize its effects. It’s called exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT).   EWOT is a form of therapy wherein patients breathe supplemental oxygen while exercising. Patients can exercise on […]

What Quercetin Is Used For?

Metabolic therapy 101, what is quercetin used for and what are the benefits?  Do you like berries, grapes, and apples? What about green tea or a kale smoothie? Did you know that these food items contain the flavonoid quercetin? First things first. What is a flavonoid? Flavonoids are plant chemicals aka phytonutrients found in most [...]

Artesunate & Cancer Relationship

A complete overview of artesunate and the cancer relationship. 1. From Malaria to Babesia to Cancer Artemisinin is an active ingredient extracted from Chinese herbal medicine Qing Hao (Herba Artemisiae annuae), a sweet wormwood plant. Artemisinin and its molecule-modified derivatives, such as artesunate are first used as anti-malaria medication and now found they are also […]

Artesunate for Cancer Treatment

Artesunate used as a cancer treatment has proved to be very effective in helping people heal from it. Artesunate is a compound that is derived from the wormwood plant used in many therapies to detoxify and enhance bowel elimination. This plant has been used in China and India and other botanically based healing disciplines around [...]

Cancer Sugar Connection (Why Is Sugar Called “White Death”)

The cancer sugar connection and why it needs to be eliminated from your diet. You know that feeling you get when you have a piece of cake or a bar of chocolate? That comforting pleasure feeling, mainly caused by the beta-endorphins rushing to your brain. As pleasurable as it may be, sugar is not your [...]

Chemotherapy (Obvious Facts People Don’t Want to See)

Chemotherapy and the facts that support why this cancer treatment needs to be avoided. Throughout history, there have been numerous occupations that have proved to be hazardous to those working in those industries. Coal miners breathing in dust which would lead to emphysema and long term lung issues or the munition workers during World War [...]

The Benefits Of Using A Wheatgrass And Probiotic Enema

Wheatgrass And Probiotic Enema Has Fantastic Health Benefits! Did you know that you can use wheatgrass juice with a probiotic enema? This type of enema is ideal for detoxification and for reviving liver health. Why Wheatgrass? Wheatgrass is the “young grass” of the wheat plant. It is usually bright green and looks like hay or [...]