Success Ratio

Cancer Survival Rates Over Time

The term “cancer survivor” conjures up a picture in the minds of someone crawling out of the desert. We don’t want our patients to merely survive; we want them to thrive and to have a fulfilling life.

So, we define “success” as being able to return to a normal and productive life without suffering and fear. When we look at the data from the US and Australia, we see that the prognosis for stage four cancer at five years is 2.1% and 2.3% respectively.

Looking at the pooled data between several of the centers with which we work and collaborate, the five-year prognosis for stage four cancer is more than half of the population. These people are leading normal, happy lives….not merely alive. The success rates for stages one to three are, of course, higher.

The LifeCo Clinic views diet as a foundational piece of our cancer treatment program.  We teach people who come see us for our holistic cancer treatments how a healthy balanced diet based on raw vegan plant-based foods is essential for healing from cancer but also critical for maintaining health as well.

Since our program includes very specific dietary and lifestyle modifications, some cancers that usually have a high mortality rate are much more easily and effectively treated by employing our cancer treatment protocols.