Physical Adjunct Treatments

The physical treatments and therapies have more than one functions throughout the treatment process. Detoxification, lymphatic stimulation, waste drainage, colon cleansing and nourishment, immune enhancement and oxygenation are some of the purposes of the physical treatments.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Its an essential part of perfect health. Removes accumulations of undissolved or undigested food remnants on the intestinal walls, improves intestinal functions and it’s a mini detox. A trained nurse / colon therapist cleans out the colon that is about 1.5 meters long and even if someone has normal regular bowel movements, you are not evacuating the colon every day and the consequence is that the feces left in there is being reabsorbed by the cells and recirculating through the liver, keeping us toxic, that’s why we need to clean the colon out regularly.


Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, i.e., the nearly colorless liquid carrying the red and white cells. This can be determined by testing the blood-oxygen levels in the arteries or veins. Quite often after 15 minutes of exercising with oxygen, there is a dramatic “pinking” of an exerciser’s skin. If this can be seen by simple observation, then it follows that the tiny capillaries, the blood vessels tinier than a strand of hair, are carrying extra oxygen not only to the skin’s surface, but to all the cells in the body. Energy, vision and mental clarity may improve immediately. Streaming, energy currents, buzzing, tingling, and breeze-like sensations may be felt in different areas of the body.


BEMER is a modern therapy which improves the restricted blood flow through micro-vessels, thereby assisting the body’s own regenerative and self-healing processes. In doing so, this scientifically proven and effective procedure supports the supply and waste disposal processes in tissue and organ cells. Electromagnetic fields are used to transmit special stimulation signals into the body. However, these are only directed at the autorhythmic motions of the smallest micro-vessel, and must not be confused with the scientifically unproven magnetic field therapies. Light therapy panels with non-specific effects should also not be confused with targeted laser therapy, even though both procedures use light as a physical medium.

Coffee Enema

Prepared with purified water and organic coffee, applied via rectum from where it reaches liver and it increases the production of the antioxidant glutathione in body. The action of organic coffee injection aims to improve the capabilities and functioning of the gallbladder and liver. The goal is to eliminate toxins and this is accomplished with the stimulation of the flow of bile –  alkaline fluid that aids digestion and is secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder – and also the increase of enzymatic action by the liver.  The coffee is absorbed directly in the sigmoid, and then taken up to the liver by the sigmoid vein. As a result more bile is produced by the liver where the bile is pushed out to the small intestine for removal.

Wheatgrass + probiotic enema

After Angel of Water colon cleansing in order to strengthen the gut flora quickly and easily, the highly alkaline wheatgrass juice and probiotic (beneficial bacteria) mixture is applied as enema with the aid of a nurse. It is highly recommended for everyone doing detox programs. Also for those who want to protect and rejuvenate the colon and liver health this implant is a must do therapy.

Electro Lymphatic Therapy

Is a gentle, light touch non-invasive technique to stimulate the proper flow and drainage of our lymphatic system, known as the “waste system”. lymphatics is one way that not only do we drain away the toxins out of the cells and out of the tissue beds. Even a sample of the cancer cell comes in along the lymphatics goes to the lymph node and in lymph node is where the body is able to develop an immune response to the cancer cell, so it’s very important to maintain that flow. We do exercise and yoga for the same reason because only through muscle contraction can you allow the veins and the lymphatic channels to flow.

Sonic Table Therapy

Combining sound vibration in different frequencies and heat this therapy promotes and stimulates blood circulation, increases basic metabolic rate, reduces stress and helps body relax, also has an anti ageing and rejuvenation effect through the whole body.

Massage Therapies

Therapeutic massage is very important in helping clean out the toxins. Highly trained massage therapists will find areas in the body that are biomechanically impaired and help restore them back to normal functioning.

Massage therapies applied in cancer treatment programs aim to support the release of accumulated extracellular fluid and stimulation of the lymphatic system, resulting with a lymphatic cleanse. Besides the cleansing results of massage therapies, joint and muscle pains caused by high inflammation in cancer patients, will be relieved through various techniques used in thai massage and deep tissue massage.

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