Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies Phuket

Massage therapies are very important in helping eliminate toxins.

Highly trained massage therapists will find areas in the body that are biomechanically impaired and help restore them back to normal functioning. Massage therapies applied in cancer treatment programs aim to support the release of accumulated extracellular fluid and stimulation of the lymphatic system, resulting in a lymphatic cleanse.

Besides the cleansing results of massage therapies, joint and muscle pains caused by high inflammation in cancer patients will be relieved through various techniques used in Thai massage therapies and deep tissue massage.

Massage Therapies As Part Of Cancer Treatment

Massage has long been used as a complementary therapy for cancer treatment. It can help reduce the adverse effects of conventional treatments and improve the quality of life for patients.

Studies have shown that massage holistic therapies can help in managing pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, and depression. Reported evidence shows that patients experienced improved sleep, scar tissue health, range of movement, cognitive function, and overall wellness.

Massage therapies also have a significant emotional impact on cancer patients. It can help them feel “whole again”, feel more relaxed, encourage them to open up, make them feel more positive about their bodies and feel that there is hope.

A review of studies on aromatherapy and massage found that massage therapies “consistently reduced anxiety and depression.” Another American study revealed that massage therapy was beneficial in reducing pain, nausea, fatigue as well as anxiety and depression.

The benefits lasted longer in patients who had an hour-long session. A third one also concluded that massage “significantly reduced the stress hormone.”

As long as it was done by a trained professional and cleared with the doctor, massage therapies are safe for cancer patients. Massage does not cause cancer to spread. Cancer cells spread because of cell DNA changes and other internal processes in the body.

Thai Massage Therapies

Thai massage involves the use of gentle pressure and stretching techniques. It is an ancient healing method that dates back thousands of years ago.

Thai massage therapies have many health benefits. For starters, it can help minimize stress. One study showed that Thai massage can reduce levels of a certain stress marker in the saliva. It can also increase the energy levels of a patient.

This is because Thai massage is based on the concept of Sen or energy lines. Based on this idea, tight muscles can cause blockages in different Sens within the body.

In effect, people experience pain, stiffness or illness. Thai massage can open or constrict the affected Sen to “correct the flow of life energy.”

A specific type of Thai massage can help relieve chronic tension headaches. It can also stimulate blood and lymph circulation through gentle stretches that oxygenate the tissues. This can help promote the growth of healthy cells and the improvement of heart health.

Thai massage therapies also aid in enhancing flexibility as well as a range of motion by improving fluid circulation in the joints. This, in turn, will reduce friction and improve joint mobility.

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