Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy Or Electro Lymphatic Therapy Is A Type Of Gentle Massage.

Do you like massage therapy? It’s no surprise if you do. Massage therapy is a simple and effective way to relax or recover. Lymphatic drainage massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that can do more than just give you a quick reprieve.

It was first developed in the 1930s by Emil and Estrid Vodder as a treatment for lymphedema. It promotes the movement of lymph fluids throughout the body. These fluids help the body get rid of waste and toxins.

What Is The Lymphatic System?

It is a “network of tissues and organs.” Its main role is to transport the lymph. The lymph contains white blood cells that fight infections in the body.  It consists of lymphatic vessels, akin to capillaries and veins.

Lymph flows in one direction. It goes up towards the neck. Did you know that the spleen and tonsils are also part of the lymphatic system?

This system is also known as the body’s “sewerage system.” It removes fluids that leak out of blood vessels. This keeps the fluid levels in the tissues balanced.

Most of the lymph vessels are under the skin. Through gentle pressure, these vessels can “pick up fluids between the cell spaces” so they move more efficiently. This therapy can also have long-term health benefits.

When the lymph system is well-functioning, we feel vibrant. Our bodies can fight off bacteria and viruses. When it’s blocked, we feel weak and we are more prone to diseases and infections.

Lymph vessels are vital to waste elimination. Certain medical conditions, however, can affect this function. Fluid buildup in the lymphatic system is called lymphedema. It can manifest through weakness or heaviness in the arm or leg.

Lymphatic massage can help clear an area affected by lymphedema. It can stimulate clearing and reabsorption. This means that the therapy creates a vacuum using gentle pressure to prepare the area for more fluid.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Lymphatic Massage Drainage Therapy?

This type of massage can be beneficial for those who are feeling sluggish. It can also help those recovering from surgery, injury or illness.

Patients with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome can benefit from this therapy. It can help boost immune function and vitality.

When tissues are “swollen” due to injury or surgery, lymphatic massage can help reduce swelling by removing waste products. This, in turn, allows the cells to reproduce faster for healing.

Some studies have shown that it is a safe therapy for women suffering from post-breast cancer surgery lymphedema. It can be “comparable to compression bandages or exercise.”

A 2015 report noted that it “shows promise” in managing fibromyalgia. They found that manual lymphatic drainage was better than connective tissue massage for depression and stiffness. It also improved the patient’s quality of life.

Here at The LifeCo Clinic, lymphatic drainage massage therapy is offered as part of our adjunct therapies. These are therapies that aid with detoxification. This is essential to a patient’s holistic healing journey.

How will lymphatic massage benefit you? Will it be painful? Is it safe? We can help you answer these questions. Contact us now for a free Skype consultation.

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