Is Microwave Safe For Food?

Is Microwave Safe For Food?

Is Microwave Safe For Food?

If you use the microwave to cook your food and worry about safety read this article.

Microwave ovens have come a long way since their invention in the 1940s, emerging from post-World War II radar technology. The first commercial ovens were not sold widely until the late 1970s, but since then they have become ubiquitous. So, is the microwave safe for food?

They are convenient to use for many purposes such as heating a cup of tea or popping popcorn. However, all this convenience begs one important question. Are microwaves safe?

They work by emitting microwave radiation which penetrates food to heat it quickly. Microwaves fall in the radio wave spectrum but do not interfere with radio frequencies. However, their radiation does interfere with human health.

There are a few reasons you should avoid using them. You may have heard that this type of radiation is not harmful as long as you do not come into direct contact with it. Simply keep the door closed while cooking, and you will be safe.

These ovens do not operate unless the door is securely shut. It is impossible to come into contact with the radio waves directly. So, this means you must be safe, right? Or does it?

Microwave oven manuals recommend that no one should stand in front of the oven while it is operating. People who have pacemakers are instructed to avoid going anywhere near the oven when it is operating.

Pacemakers can malfunction from the radiation from a microwave

The reason for this is that the radiation can cause the pacemaker to malfunction. That does not sound like these ovens are all that safe.

If a pacemaker can malfunction from a microwave, its radiation must do some serious damage. If the oven’s radiation can affect people, what might its radiation be doing to the food being cooked inside?

Studies have been done. One was performed in the 1990s by Peter Valberg who tried to tie radiation from these ovens to incidences of cancer. His findings indicated that the radiation was too low to be a verifiable carcinogen []. The problem with this study’s findings is that not many more studies were done to refute it.

According to the World Health Organization’s website, microwaves are safe up to a point. If the door is cracked, radiation can escape. WHO specifically states that people with compromised organs or poor blood supplies can be hurt by the oven’s thermal power []. The WHO goes on to state that damage would only occur if someone is exposed for a long time at high power levels.

Both of these resources make it clear that while these ovens are generally safe, the radiation from them is not. These are good enough reasons to discontinue using them.

All types of cooking transforms food. Vitamins are cooked out of vegetables when cooked on a traditional stove. It is not unusual to find that microwaves do the same thing. But oven top cooking does not add radiation to the food as microwaving does.

The best thing is to leave microwaves alone. These ovens can cause thermal burns to areas of the body such as the eyes, and they do impart radiation into food. Why take chances? Trust cooking your foods over a gas or electric range or better yet, don’t cook your food at all.

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