Importance of Following A Raw Diet During Cancer Treatment

Being on a raw food diet reduces inflammation in the body which is critical while undergoing cancer treatments.

It’s very important, not only to ensure optimal nutrition and immune functioning but also to preserve pancreatic enzymes, which begin protecting us from cancer at six weeks of fetal age. When you continually destroy the enzymes in your food through heat, the pancreatic enzymes lose their ability to destroy cancer, so one of the best practices to develop is to allow the pancreas a rest by eating raw.

No other creature thermally degenerates its food before eating and no other creature suffers from degenerative diseases (except our poor, domesticated, cooked-fed pets). Take tomatoes – they have the perfect amalgamation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibre, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and bioelectric life force. What remains after cooking is some relatively non-bioavailable minerals, denatured vitamins, and altered phytonutrients.

It is established that sugar feeds cancer cells. Do cancer patients need to avoid fruit?

No, although the diet we put cancer patients on is very low-glycaemic. Glucose isn’t a problem per se but abrupt increases (spikes) in the blood levels of glucose are. Eating a slice of chocolate cake, some sweetened cacao, a bunch of grapes, or three or four bananas will cause a spike.

Anything that spikes blood sugar will stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. The cells with the most insulin receptors – i.e. cancer cells – will grab the glucose and feed first. Green apples, pears, all the berries and of course grapefruits and lemons don’t produce a spike, so we tell patients to stick to those fruits until the body is rebalanced, then they can eat other fruits.

Education is a very important part of the programme?

Yes. Our purpose is to inspire, teach and guide. The true meaning of the word “doctor” is “teacher”. Our goal is to teach people never to need another doctor for the rest of their lives.

We must instill the habit of reading and ensure that the skills required to maintain health are well established. All creatures are plugged into the wisdom of Nature through instinct which we, unfortunately, had replaced through the enculturation process during childhood.

The LifeCo Clinic is a Healing Centre That Teaches The Importance of Nutrition

We are a healing centre, not a treatment facility where one goes to get passively treated. Our real function is to inspire people to take back their birthright: health. So one of the most important things that happens for our participants is that they experience health.

Most have long forgotten what it feels like to bounce around like a young child overpowered with the joy of health. People feel so much better after they’ve been through the programme that they often decide that no food is worth giving this up for.

By the way, we have observed a very interesting phenomenon that we’ve named “second-hand health”. Spouses who support their partner by participating in the detoxification and nutritional programs are finding that whatever “disease” they might have had is gone.

As John Tilden, M.D., wrote in the book Toxemia Explained, “There is only one disease; it is called toxemia”. Patients also find that it’s not only their cancer that leaves. For example, a man came to us with prostate cancer and six weeks after he began, he came into my office joyfully crying and said, “You didn’t tell me my headaches and my arthritis would go away too.”

Have you compiled statistics regarding your success rates at the clinic? No, because there are too many variables involved for those to be meaningful. But when we check in with our former patients, the ones who are still living after many years are those who embrace the lifestyle changes (i.e. don’t “tolerate” them but view them as a blessing), have loving support from family and/or friends, and learn the ultimate test of being alive – surrender.


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