Accommodation & Location

The LifeCo Well-Being center is a lakefront resort in the midst the jungle in the North West of the Phuket island, 2 minutes drive from the nearest beach – Nai Thon. The facility is surrounded by nature and is an ideal healing environment with no urban pollution of any type. The only airport in Phuket is a 10 minute drive away, shopping malls, post offices, organic stores, hospitals are all within easy reach of the center.

Within the premises, there are 4 types of accommodation. Private Villas (4-6 people), Suite (1-2 people), Deluxe Room (1-2 people) and Standard Room (1-2 people). Depending on the season and availability, you can choose your preferred accommodation type prior to your arrival after viewing the photos and details, or you can decide upon arrival after taking a tour of each accommodation type.

The most convenient option would be renting a car or hiring a driver or cab for any transportation needs. Since public transportation is not available throughout the city, private hiring or rentals are the only options. We do try to assist you as much as possible with The LifeCo’s private driver if available.

Accommodation in the center is optional, however, it is strongly recommended to try to stay within the center for the convenience of the patient. If you do not prefer to stay at The LifeCo, there are various hotels and pensions around the region for any type of budget.

Cost & Duration

Since the integrative cancer treatment programs at TLC are not cytotoxic or session-based, the longer a patient stays, the better results due to the program’s content. The recommended duration for each patient will be stated prior to arrival, but is at least 4 weeks, and could be up to 12 weeks depending on the case.

Each patient has a custom therapy plan and an associated cost sheet that will be presented to them prior to arrival. The cost of treatment for each patient is different and set individually. The average cost of 8-12 week cancer treatment support programs is within the range of 6000-8000€ (Euros) per week, including accommodation, diet, therapies, consultations and detox program.

Since private insurance companies do not recognize the integrative approach in cancer treatment support, there is no coverage of costs by insurance. Before or during your treatment support program, you are recommended to contact your country’s embassy or medical attache in Thailand to request financial support, which is provided by the medical attaches of some countries.

Cancer Treatment Programs

The LifeCo’s Cancer Treatment Programs are suitable for any cancer type due to its core essence and approach. The Cancer’s location is the only factor that makes a breast cancer a breast cancer and a brain cancer a brain cancer, so apart from exceptional cases, the personal treatment plan can include any type of cancer.

Yes, with the 61% success ratio recorded in the past 20 years of treatment experience, we have treated and eradicated the cancer of many stage 4 patients. The success ratio for stage 4 is lower than 1-3 stage cancer cases, however treatment is absolutely achievable.

The cancer treatment programs at TLC are absolutely suitable for anyone who is functional and has self mobility. We accept patients who can walk, talk, breathe, eat, shower without dependence on somebody.

The number one goal for every human being for overall health should be prevention. Prevention is an art of self-assurance from diseases and health problems and is achieved through lifestyle fixes. At TLC’s cancer prevention programs, we take the person through a detoxification and healthy nutrition program, boost the immune system and instruct them with workshops, lectures, consultations until they know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to implement it to their lives.

Depending on your recent reports and status, you will either be starting the cancer treatment program or the post chemo/radiation recovery program. Since therapies and treatments in the program have no side effects, you can also run this plan simultaneously with your conventional sessions.

After you contact us, one of our program coordinators will walk you through the process of starting your treatment plan. First, we need to get your reports and scans, then we ask you some preliminary questions to see if you are eligible for a treatment plan in TLC and then Dr.Lodi will write your personal plan. If you are interested in having a Skype meeting about medical issues, Dr.Lodi will have a Skype call with you, or if you have logistical questions, one of our program coordinators will have a Skype call with you. Once you agree to come, you will decide on the date and will come to the center and your program will begin immediately.

When we define success, we look at long-term statistics in which the patient has no cancer markers in 5 years following the treatment. Within the past 20+ years of Dr.Lodi’s integrative oncology career, more than half of the sample cancer patients have survived 5+ years with no diagnosable cancer in their body.


Detoxification is a vital part of the treatment for any chronic disease and is an everlasting process that enables the body to get rid of the accumulated waste and toxins that hinder many essential functions of the body such as the immune, digestive and lymphatic systems as well as proper bowel movement, cellular health and alkalinity of the blood. Cancer is now known to be a disease caused by chronic toxemia and inflammation, hence the elimination of toxins and inflammation in the body is an indispensable approach throughout the treatment process.

In order to assure that the information and experiences that are taught throughout the treatment and detox program are to be taken home and implemented, it is essential for the supporter person undergoes a detox or healthy nutrition program, joining the food workshops, consultations, presentations and activities, to be able to better adapt to the post-treatment life for the patient and themselves.

Contrary to the common belief, detoxification is not a clinical intervention and is one of the primary tasks of the body naturally. In an ideal world with optimum diet, exercise and sleep routine, detox retreats or camps would not be required, however in today’s world, detoxification, is more than an option, it is a requirement for any individual, especially for those who are going through or looking to prevent any chronic disease. Detoxification is what the body naturally does and has no damage to the body.

Therapies & Treatments

To an average patient, none of the therapies are allergic nor have any side effects. All the ingredients and materials used in treatments are selected specifically to work best with the cancer patients, without doing any harm or an causing side effects.

Yes, we do have a selection of immunotherapies that are brought from Japan and are incredibly effective in the enhancement of the immune system.

Every patient’s personal treatment plan is prepared prior to their arrival, once Dr. Thomas Lodi examines their reports and does the Skype consultation. A smart combination of most of the therapies is applied with a set frequency during your treatment plan.

We will send you your detailed personal treatment plan with the relevant cost proposal as soon as Dr. Thomas Lodi prepares it. Prior to your arrival at the center, you will know your day by day schedule and the clinic will have your treatment plan projected in their schedule weekly. For every patient, there will be a unique treatment plan prepared, and the immunotherapies will be recommended as an optional plan for some patients.

The therapies and treatments that will be applied are all natural and contain only non cytotoxic ingredients , all are meticulously developed and prepared by Japanese and German scientists.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet is one of the most important aspects of the integrative cancer treatment programs. Through the application of a raw vegan ketogenic, alkalizing, high fat, low sugar and low carb diet, the patient will convert to a state of ketosis where the healing activities will be accelerated, and the cancer cells will be starved due to lack of glucose in the system. Every patient will also be going through the master detox program which is a juice-only deep cleansing program with vegetable juices prepared with psyllium husk and bentonite clay. In most of the cases, we also put patients on a water fasting diet for them to get rid of all the toxins and help the liver and digestive system replenish faster.

Once the patient’s body is cleansed through a deep cleansing program applied in the first 10-15 days, the role of diet increases as we begin to apply the raw vegan ketogenic diet for a few weeks. Our Ketogenic diet –as opposed to the widely known dairy ketogenic diet- is a plant-based diet that increases fat consumption, eliminates sugar consumption and minimizes carbohydrate intake, in order to change the body to the state of ‘ketosis’ for therapeutic results. Meals consist of high-fat ingredients like nuts, nut butter, vegetables, sprouts, seeds and cold-pressed plant oils. Depending on the patient’s progress and additional nutritional requirements, use of cooked ingredients such as fish, eggs and quinoa are integrated into the diet as well.

Since diet is a tool and method for healing any individual, the frequency, ingredients, amounts of the daily meals/juices work in parallel with the treatment plan and are monitored and prepared by the doctor and chef every week.