Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits

What Are The Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits?


We all know that exercising is good for our health. But there’s one therapy that allows you to maximize its effects. It’s called exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT).


EWOT is a form of therapy wherein patients breathe supplemental oxygen while exercising. Patients can exercise on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.


What Makes EWOT Different From Regular Exercise?


When we breathe, we breathe approximately 21% oxygen. The rest is nitrogen and other types of gas. Oxygen loss can happen due to various factors, both internal and external.


These can include environmental pollutants, stress, disease, trauma or overexertion. Aging is also a factor. As we grow older, our bodies become “less effective” at transporting oxygen to the cells. This can cause disease and degeneration.


With exercise with oxygen therapy, patients breathe concentrated oxygen. This results in an “immediate increase” in energy, strength, and endurance. It also activates an anti-inflammatory response. The effects are cumulative. This means that benefits can continue to manifest over a long period.


EWOT originated from a technique called Oxygen Multistep Therapy. It was developed by German physicist Dr. Manfred von Ardenne.


The intent was to aid cancer treatment by providing patients with a rich oxygen supply. This, in turn, would “support the continued function of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary systems in their bodies.”


Some medical centers use EWOT and the noted benefits include:

  • Decrease in blood pressure;
  • Improved alkalinity, metabolism and athletic performance; and
  • Reduced inflammation.


EWOT is also beneficial for those recovering from flu, high blood pressure or emphysema.


It can help reduce recovery time from severe physical exertion. It can also help people with infectious diseases and skin or eye conditions.


Breathing in a high flow rate of oxygen during exercise can help slow down the aging process. It can help burn more calories and promote mental clarity. It also increases oxygen in the blood plasma.


Plasma makes up more than 50% of our blood.  It carries water, salts, and enzymes. Its main function is to carry nutrients, hormones, and proteins to parts of the body that need it. Plasma also helps the body eliminate waste. It “ushers the movement” of blood through the circulatory system.


Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Benefits For Cancer Patients


  • It creates an “oxygen-rich” environment. Cancer cells thrive in oxygen-depleted conditions. EWOT creates an environment that is detrimental to these cells. It delivers much-needed oxygen at a cellular level. When the body lacks oxygen, it becomes more vulnerable to diseases. EWOT can help strengthen a patient’s immune system which is necessary for cancer treatment.


  • It can boost energy levels. Cancer treatment can drain a person’s energy. EWOT is a safe and effective way to get an energy boost. It can help a person develop endurance and faster muscle growth. Increasing a patient’s energy level is crucial to any cancer treatment program.


Here at The LifeCo Clinic, EWOT is offered as part of our adjunct therapies. These are therapies that are designed to support the detoxification process. This is crucial because healing can truly begin once the body is cleansed.


Are you a fit candidate for this therapy? How can it support your specific condition? Let us help you. Contact us now for a free Skype consultation.

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