Supportive Treatments

As to many people’s knowledge, The LifeCo is a holistic well-being brand in that aims to improve the life quality, enhance immune systems, manage chronic diseases and train the guests and patients through workshops, lectures, consultations and 1 on 1 therapy since 2005.

With more than 40,000 helped and treated, The LifeCo’s centers in Turkey and Thailand are using nutrition, detox programs, colon cleansing, natural therapies and treatments, massage therapies, physical and emotional therapies and spiritual activities to uplift people’s well-being and consciousness.

With high competition in the wellness and cleansing industry in the past decade, The LifeCo have always stood out with its most effective result-oriented detox and healthy nutrition programs that result in an immune enhancement, cellular renewal, weight loss, digestion renewal, skin improvement, improved bowel function, clear-headedness and many more benefits.

The first and foremost phase of the alternative cancer treatment programs at TLCP is always deep cleansing of the patient, in order to change the biochemistry of the individual so that is no longer a suitable host for cancer cells to grow and feed.