Cancer Treatment Programs

The LifeCo Cancer Treatment Center in Phuket focuses on 3 foundations which always serves to the quality of life of the patient, instead of roughly eradicating the disease without any fundamental healing.

1.Stop Making Cancer

Changing the biochemistry of the body so it is no longer a suitable host for the cancer cells to feed, grow and spread. Once you stop promoting cancer growth through a special diet, balanced hormones, oxygenated blood, clean environment and many more factors like sleep, exercise, exposure to electromagnetic fields etc, even if you have a lump or a tumour, its not important because you stopped making new cancer cells. The main idea with keeping the body clean is to keep the arterial blood alkaline. To achieve this, we are using alkalinizing diet and oxygen/ozone treatments to produce alkalinity in your blood. Another major part of the process is the detoxification of the person, which happens through diet, colon cleansing and additional therapies. The detoxification is the initial and a must-have procedure during the treatment process because a toxic interior results with constant absorption of toxins, creating a massive burden on one’s liver. As well as body, the mind has to be detoxified and remain in a non-toxic environment. The facility’s calming environment in a natural setting, lectures and workshops that provide wider knowledge, physical and spiritual exercises as yoga, meditation and breathing therapy, emotional support and consultations, are aiming to contribute to transform the mindset and mood which will help enormously on patient’s healing journey. Doesn’t matter how strict you are following the physical therapies and the diet, a negative mindset will hinder the individual’s healing journey.

2.Targeting Cancer Cells

Eliminating the cancer cells without hurting the healthy cells is a major aspect of the program. Cancer cells and healthy cells have certain abilities and disabilities that are different from each other, so the use of targeted non-cytotoxic metabolic treatments as b17, Artesunate, Ozone, Vitamin C, Selenium, Glutathione, Curcumin and many more are achieving the elimination of cancer cells through putting them in a position where they are not equipped to handle the procedure, where the healthy cells can. Our cancer treatment center in The LifeCo Thailand will guide you through the process.

3.Enhance Immune System

The immune system is the only fighting power of the body against cancer and with no exception, cancer patients do have a weak immune system because of the invasion by cancerous cells in the system that block the functions of the immune cells. By awakening and then strengthening the immune system of the individual, we aim to transform the body into its original and natural state where it is fully capable of dealing with non-healthy cells and functions within the system. The tools that are used in enhancing the immune system are diet, colon cleansing and the entire immunotherapy program that includes dendritic vaccine cells, GcMAF, NK cells that work together in a synchronized schedule to wake up and boost the immune system to be able to work with cancer stem cells.

Which Types of cancer are you treating?

The LifeCo’s Cancer Treatment Programs are suitable for any cancer type due to its essence and approach. Cancer’s location is the only factor that makes a breast cancer a breast cancer and a brain cancer a brain cancer, so apart from exceptional cares, the personal treatment plan can include all sorts of cancers.

Can you treat stage 4 cancer?

Yes, with the 61% success ratio recorded in the past 20 years of treatment experience, we have treated and eradicated the cancer of many stage 4 patients. The success ratio for stage 4 is lower than 1-3 stage cancer cases, however treatment is absolutely achievable.

Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

The cancer treatment programs at TLC are absolutely suitable for anyone who is functional. We accept patients who can walk, talk, breathe, eat, shower without dependence on somebody.

I am not diagnosed with cancer but I want to assure myself , what can I do?

The number one goal for every human being for overall health should be prevention. Prevention is an art of self-assurance from diseases and health problems and is achieved through lifestyle fixes. At TLC’s cancer prevention programs, we take the person to a detoxification and healthy nutrition program, boost the immune system and train them with workshops, lectures, consultations until they know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to implement it to their lives.

I am going through a conventional treatment, can I still join the programs?

Depending on your recent reports and status, you will either be starting the cancer treatment program or the post chemo/radiation recovery program. Since therapies and treatments in the program have no side effects, you can also run this plan simultaneously with your conventional sessions.

How can I join a treatment program?

Once you contact us, one of our program coordinators will walk you through the process of starting your treatment plan. First, we need to get your reports and scans, then we ask you some preliminary questions to see if you’re eligible for a treatment plan in TLC and then Dr.Lodi will write your personal plan. If you are interested in having a Skype meeting about medical issues, Dr.Lodi will be doing a Skype call with you, or if you have logistic questions, one of our program coordinators will have a Skype call with you. Once you agree to come, you will decide on the date and will come to the center and your program will begin immediately.

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