Our Approach

The word oncology means working with people that have cancer, integrative means to take two or more things and bring them together and make them harmonious. Integrative oncology suggests taking all the different therapies, different approaches, different aspects of different healing disciplines and bring them together to work in the most effective and efficient way for a patient.

The healing disciplines that are involved in the picture are the ones that have withstood all this time which would be called traditional.

These are; traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, North American, Native American medicine, African medicine and all these ancient medicine cultures and techniques have relied on the nature, and leveraging nature’s healing potential.

Using all of these ancient medicine techniques, the integrative oncology approach aims to take the most effective part of each medicine and integrate the conventional with the natural and traditional.

At the cancer treatment programs at The LifeCo Phuket, we are bringing it all together and the consequence is, we have a program that really can be subdivided in three parts which we are following here.

Cleansing the damaged Body:

A deep detoxification regimen helps you rearrange your biochemistry so that it no longer produces cancer and that is through different fasting programs, cleansing diets, colon cleansing treatments, lymphatic work, exercises with oxygen, balancing your hormones with bioidentical natural hormones, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, mindful beach walk etc.

The simultaneous application of various detoxification treatments, physical and spiritual activities are resulting with a dramatic change in the individual’s biochemistry.

Targeting cancer cells and empowering healthy cells:

The second aspect of the programs is that we use what can be called interventional techniques that include metabolic treatments like IV vitamin C, IV Ozone, IV artesunate, IV curcumin and many more treatments. This aspect of the program is available in many centers around the world, unfortunately most clinics leave out the most important aspect which is the detoxification process. As experienced countless times with examples, these metabolic treatments when applied without a cleansing regimen, are doomed to result with the relapse of the cancer as the body has not been cleansed and stopped producing cancer yet.

The best way to think of this if someone has lung cancer and stops smoking during the treatment but restarts smoking after the treatment, the program would be considered unsuccesfull. So it is the same thing if a patient goes back to an unhealthy diet or back to staying up late and partying and all that sort of elements, then the same consequence –developing cancer- would be expected. The beautiful thing about getting a diagnosis such as cancer is that it really wakes you up and reminds you that life is precious and you need to honor it and take care of it.

Waking up the immune system:

The third aspect of the program is the enhancement of the immune system which has been put to sleep by the cancer and it is being overwhelmed by a colon full of feces and it is being overwhelmed by stress.

All of these damages and plus the cancer is actually putting out cytokines that actually blind the immune system so we need to wake it up and we got various methods of strengthening the immune system with not only the foods and colon cleansing, there are medicinal mushrooms and there’s subcutaneous injections of il-2 and GcMAF and dendritic cell vaccine, natural killer cells etc. And all these ways of waking up the immune system that’s been put to sleep in a sequential systematic way.

Eventually you’ve woken up the immune system,you’ve changed the biochemistry so the body doesn’t want to make cancer anymore and you’ve gone with non-toxic therapies which have eliminated the tumor mass.

People here are smiling,meditating,socializing, happy to be alive and they’ve got their hair and this is a healing center it’s not a treatment facility where you go there and you sit down you stick your arms out they poke you in and you’re being treated where you have a passive role, you have nothing to do you go over there and they make you become this passive individual that they’re fixing which is an absurd thing you’re not a car and you’re not mechanics. When you come here it’s your journey and we’re your guides, and we give you all the tools and all and the environment and the place to do it and then you heal. Why is that important? Because when you leave here it’s you that will continue to be able to heal so if you haven’t learned how healing works or what it is, you won’t be able to continue and you’ll have to keep coming back to us. Our goal is that you never need another doctor the rest of your life.

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