Cancer Recovery Program

Cancer Recovery At A Center For Integrative Medicine

Cancer Recovery Program

A Cancer Recovery Program That Uses A Holistic Approach To Healing.

Are you a cancer survivor? Have you gone through chemotherapy or surgery as part of your cancer recovery program?

Being cancer-free means a second lease in life. You’ll want to regain a sense of normality. For most, this is a journey that takes time.

At this stage, it’s common to have mixed feelings or to feel anxious. You need to have a strong support system. You will also need to monitor your health. There’ll be regular appointments to make sure cancer doesn’t come back.

Conventional treatments are not effective against cancer and they’re toxic. They can destroy the immune system. It takes a heavy toll on the body.

In some cases, a weakened immune system opens the door for cancer to return. And this time, it can spread more aggressively.

This is why it is crucial to go through a holistic cancer recovery program. This type of program will cleanse your body and restore your immune system.

What Is A Cancer Recovery Program? 

At The LifeCo Clinic, we offer a cancer recovery program for those who are currently cancer-free. It reflects our holistic cancer treatment approach.

The program includes integrative cancer therapies that strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. The therapies can include detoxification, cleansing diets, innovative treatments, and spiritual exercises.

The three-week program begins with a natural killer cell test. This provides insight into the status of your immune system. If it is compromised, we will recommend a comprehensive therapy that spans six to eight weeks.

This will include powerful immune therapies. We will also evaluate your macrophages and lymphocyte subsets.

Macrophages are specialized cells. They detect and destroy bacteria and other harmful organisms.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells. They are also immune cells made in the bone marrow. They can be found in the blood and lymph tissue.

This cancer recovery journey will take place in our healing center in Phuket, Thailand. The idyllic location allows people to reconnect with nature.

This process is essential to the healing process. Here, you can walk on the beach, do yoga and meditate. All these help towards holistic healing.

Our Four-Step Approach To Integrative Therapy 

Our cancer recovery program is anchored on our approach to cancer treatment.

  1. Stop making cancer. We detoxify and cleanse the body. The goal is to create a healthy alkaline environment where cancer cells cannot survive.
  2. Target cancer cells. Using metabolic treatments, we target cancer cells without harming healthy ones.
  3. Boost the immune system. We help our patients rejuvenate the immune system through nutrition and immune-boosting treatments.
  4. Train and create awareness. As part of cancer recovery, we educate people on how to remain cancer-free. Our goal is to empower people to live healthy and happy for a long time. 

How is this different from conventional treatment? 

Holistic healing focuses on addressing the root cause of cancer. We don’t just target the disease. Our therapies are designed to empower the body. We believe a healthy body is not a suitable host for disease. This is the definition of true health.

Want to learn more about alternative therapy for cancer recovery? Get in touch now for a free Skype consultation.

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