Cancer Recovery Programs

The LifeCo Cancer Treatment Center in Phuket focusses on 3 Foundations of Treatment that promote the patients quality of life and overall wellbeing, they are, to first, Stop Making Cancer, second Target Existing Cancer Cells and finally Enhance the Immune System. We aim to concentrate on fundamental, sustained healing rather than on heavy handedly eradicating the disease with little regard for the person.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of cancer is that most people die from the effects of the treatment, not cancer itself. Something as minor as a cut on the hand or brushing your teeth too hard can result in an overwhelming blood infection because of the devastating effects of chemotherapy and radiation on these incredibly toxic substances are stored in the body. Hence the potentially deadly effects continue long after the last treatment.

Once you have completed your prescribed course of radiation and chemo, it is essential that you undergo a thorough detoxification process and reestablish your body’s inherent ability to heal. At The LifeCo Phuket, the combined experience of our practitioners have been guiding and helping people not only restore their immunity but recover their health for more than ten years.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are known as efficient ways to fight cancer. We are not implying otherwise, yet these two treatments also have some side effects. Those who are going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments will have to face with the waste products that fill our systems. Those toxins can cause dozens of different problems. Fatigue, stomach bloat, headaches, and muscle aches, poor memory, and even bad breath, or just some of the well-known side effects of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

According to the New Hope Medical Center in Arizona, every individual who is going through that kind of treatments needs a ‘further detoxification support’, so they can remove the remains from the dead cancer cells that cause toxins. There are different ways to overcome the toxins that are left in our bodies, and of course, you can also buy products that will definitely help you to get rid of these toxins. But for those patients, who want to try more natural and comfortable ways, we have a couple of ideas

Our guests should always remember that even after successful chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgical operation, the chances of cancer coming back is still very high, we should aim to change the environment inside our body so that the cancer cells are not provided with the habitat to grow back.

This is only possible through a balanced high-in-nutrition diet and regular maintenance. Spending a few weeks at The LifeCo Phuket and applying natural therapies to enhance the immune system will become a very healthy routine. Also during a successful detox period in a healing environment, it is crucial to have the support of a professional medical staff consisting of doctors and nurses along with detox experts, who will always be at your disposal for any requirement you may have.

Treatments used in Cancer Recovery Program

Metabolic IV Treatments

Metabolic IV Treatments are the foundation of enhancing the immune system and balancing the body.

Physical Adjunct Treatments

During recovery from any type of cancer, it is important to boost the flow of the lymphatics system


Targeted natural treatments such as high dose vitamin c and glutathione.

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Application Process

Apply For a Treatment

By submitting any of the forms on the website, you will be sending your contact information to our team and we will reach to schedule a skype conversation with Dr. Thomas Lodi

Verifying Eligibility

Our team may ask you for some additional information regarding the following:

  • The functionality of the patient
  • Travel flexibility of the patient
  • The financial situation of the patient

Skype Conversation

After the eligibility is verified, our team schedules a Skype consultation with Dr. Thomas Lodi to discuss the individual case of the patient. This Skype is very important in understanding the needs and expectations of the patient.

Preparing the Treatment Plan

After the Skype consultation, Dr. Lodi prepares a treatment plan with detailed scheduling and
therapy plan. The estimated cost will also be defined during this process.

Get Ready for your Healing Experience

After the plan is approved by both parties we start arranging the logistics and accommodation. During this time a pre-payment of 20% will be required in order to arrange medication and set-up accommodations.