Cancer Prevention Programs

The number one goal of each individual to abandon cancer and/or any other chronic fatal ‘disease’ in his/her life is simple, it is prevention. As cancer is proven to be a lifestyle- caused problem, we now know the significance of the food we eat, the relationship we have, the clothing we wear, the air we breathe and the collective contribution they make to our overall health and life quality. Hence the best thing we can do to prevent ever being diagnosed with cancer is modifying and balancing our lifestyles in an optimum way. Even though it is quite impossible to live the ‘optimum’ lifestyle as we are unwillingly and unconsciously being exposed to many carcinogens daily, we have full control over many parameters like diet, emotions, relationships, micro, and macro environments and so on.

The vast number of carcinogens and mutagens, (cancer-causing substances) in our air, water, food clothing, hygiene products, etc. all conspire to change the internal environment of our bodies such that cancer is now being seen as the most devastating pandemic the world has ever known… In most countries, 1 out of 4 people alive today, will develop cancer in their lifetimes. The LifeCo is aware of that fact and we want to empower individuals to fight against this altogether

So, as a motto we cannot afford to fail to stick to, all of us should stop making cancer.

Treatments used in Post Cancer Prevention Program

Metabolic IV Treatments

Physical Adjunct Treatments


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