Cancer Prevention Program

Cancer Prevention Program

The cancer prevention program at The LifeCo Clinic consists of 4 fundamental pillars.

Prevention is better than cure. When it comes to cancer this well-known saying could not be more relevant. Our cancer prevention program uses a 360° holistic approach which encompasses detox and cleansing through diet, cutting-edge treatments backed by the latest scientific research, and physical and spiritual therapies.


The cancer prevention program at The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket is aimed at people with a family history of cancer, who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, are worried about their risk or have certain health conditions that may predispose them to the disease (such as ulcerative colitis, fibrocystic breast disease or pre-cancerous cells).


Cancer is not genetic, and we are not destined to develop the disease, regardless of family history or current state of health. The latest research shows that cancer is epigenetic. This means that the primary causes of cancer are related to our lifestyle, diet, stress and environmental toxins.


The cancer prevention program starts with an optional diagnostic test called the TMCA (Tumour Marker Comparative Assay). This test gives you a score from 1 to 5 (1 means no cancer and 5 means having 1 gram or more of active cancer).


Results are shown to be 93% more accurate than a PET CT scan (the gold standard in cancer diagnosis).  PET scan can only detect if the tumour is larger than 4 mm (volume of 0.2 ml). The TMCA test is able to detect nanograms, micrograms and greater.


If your test results are between 1-4, it means you do not have cancer, you do not have an active tumour. The average person is either a 3 or a 4.


However, it is still important for everyone to detoxify for prevention purposes and make positive lifestyle changes. The standard two-week cancer prevention program will alkalize your body, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels.


If your test results indicate that you are at a higher risk of developing cancer (result of 5+) or have active cancer (5), we will advise you to extend your program and modify the treatment recommendation based on the individual’s specific requirements. The diagnostic aspect of the program provides both peace of mind and also an effective treatment solution if results indicate higher risk or active cancer.


We have developed programs to reduce your TMCA risk assessment back to a 3, which is average.


Our holistic approach to cancer prevention is based around the same 4 fundamental pillars as our cancer treatment programs, but in a lighter and less intensive way.



Modify the body’s bio-chemistry through detox and cleansing to create a healthy alkaline environment where cancer cells cannot survive.



Selectively eliminating cancer cells through natural metabolic treatments without harming healthy cells in the body.



The immune system is restored through nutrition and immune boosting treatments.



We provide education on how to live a disease-free lifestyle and remain cancer-free in the long-term.


All of this takes place in our beautiful centre in Phuket, Thailand. A stunning environment that allows you to reconnect with nature, enjoy morning beach walks, daily meditation, yoga and spiritual workshops.


Our programs are an invitation to a holistic healing journey and provide the platform for long-term lifestyle change.

Application Process

Apply For a Treatment

By submitting any of the forms on the website, you will be sending your contact information to our team and we will reach to schedule a skype conversation with Dr. Thomas Lodi

Verifying Eligibility

Our team may ask you for some additional information regarding the following:

  • The functionality of the patient
  • Travel flexibility of the patient
  • The financial situation of the patient

Skype Conversation

After the eligibility is verified, our team schedules a Skype consultation with Dr. Thomas Lodi to discuss the individual case of the patient. This Skype is very important in understanding the needs and expectations of the patient.

Preparing the Treatment Plan

After the Skype consultation, Dr. Lodi prepares a treatment plan with detailed scheduling and therapy plan. The estimated cost will also be defined during this process.

Get Ready for your Healing Experience

After the plan is approved by both parties we start arranging the logistics and accommodation. During this time a pre-payment of 20% will be required in order to arrange medication and set-up accommodations.