Cancer Prevention Program

Cancer Prevention Program At An Integrative Health Center

Cancer Prevention Program

Can A Cancer Prevention Program Keep The Ugly “C” Word From Developing?

Let us answer that question this way, there are ways to make the body a less suitable host for cancer. If cancer doesn’t have a hospitable environment, then there is no way for it to develop and grow. Our cancer prevention program is designed to do that.

It is for those with a family history of cancer. It is also open to those who lead unhealthy lifestyles and are worried about the risk. If you have a health condition like ulcerative colitis or fibrocystic breast disease, this program can also help you.

Cancer Prevention: The LifeCo Clinic Way

We believe that cancer is not genetic. Research shows that it is epigenetic. Epigenetics “involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence.” This means that cancer can be caused by our lifestyle, diet or environmental toxins.

Our cancer prevention program is based on integrative holistic medicine principles. We use a 360-degree approach. It includes detoxification, cleansing, and cutting-edge treatments.

We also incorporate spiritual therapies into our program.

This two-week program will alkalize your body, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels.

It starts with an optional diagnostic test. It is called the Tumor Marker Comparative Assay (TMCA). Tumor markers are substances that are usually proteins.

The body produces them in response to cancer growth or tissue. When these are detected in plasma, urine or tissue, it can help aid cancer diagnosis. It can also help predict and monitor response to treatment.

Mutations in DNA or RNA can be used as tumor markers. Aside from diagnosis, this also helps determine prognosis and targeted treatment options for certain cancers.

TMCA is more accurate than a PET scan. A PET scan can only detect a tumor if it is larger than 4mm (or 0.2 ml in volume). A TMCA can detect nanograms and micrograms.

This test gives a score of 1 to 5. A score of 1 means there is no cancer. A score of 5 means there is at least one gram of active cancer. An average person will typically score 3 or 4.

If you have a higher risk of developing cancer or if you have active cancer, we’ll advise you to extend your program. We will recommend a treatment plan based on your specific condition.

If you get an average score, we’ll still recommend you go through the program. It is important to detoxify for cancer prevention. Embracing positive lifestyle changes will help you stay healthy for longer.

Four Pillars Of Integrative Therapy 

We use the same holistic approach to our cancer prevention and treatment programs. For the former, our therapies are lighter and less intensive.

  1. Stop making cancer. We modify the body’s biochemistry. Our goal is to create an alkaline environment that is hostile to cancer cells.
  2. Target cancer cells. Metabolic treatments target cancer cells without harming healthy cells. These therapies are intravenously administered. They are natural and botanically based.
  3. Enhance the immune system. The goal is to restore the immune system so the body can protect itself from diseases.
  4. Train and create awareness. Once a patient is cancer-free, we empower them with the knowledge to live long and healthy. Cancer can recur if a person has a compromised immune system. Worse, it can be more aggressive. Lasting health is a lifelong journey.

Our cancer prevention program will take place in Phuket, Thailand. In this idyllic location, you can reconnect with nature through yoga and meditation. This is the ideal place for holistic healing. We use our integrative medicine expertise to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Want to learn more about cancer prevention? Get in touch now for a free Skype consultation.

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