Blood Ozone Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Blood Ozone Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Blood Ozone Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Blood ozone therapy for cancer treatment is a great alternative to antibiotics and without any toxic side effects.

We know that ozone is “oxygen with an extra molecule” and that it has a vital role in protecting all forms of life from harmful UV rays in the atmosphere. As a form of therapy, it also has many health benefits. Our blood ozone therapy for cancer treatment is an important part of our metabolic therapies.

What is ozone therapy? Ozone is a colorless gas that can be used to invigorate the immune system and treat certain medical conditions.

As the name implies, ozone therapy refers to the process of administering ozone gas into the body. This helps to treat a disease or a wound. It disrupts “unhealthy processes” and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It also “flushes out” infected cells, thus allowing the body to produce healthy cells.

In fact, medical ozone has been used to disinfect medical supplies and manage different conditions for over 150 years. During World War I, it was used to disinfect wounds. It was also used to support blood flow and stimulate anti-inflammatory effects.

Studies have shown ozone therapy to be effective in treating infections caused by viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and yeast.

Ozone therapy also has the potential to help people with breathing disorders. It does this by providing more oxygen to the blood and reducing the stress on the lungs. For diabetics, it can be a way to help repair skin and tissue as well as manage complications caused by oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress refers to the “imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants” in the body. Free radicals are molecules with uneven electrons that can cause harmful chemical reactions. Ozone therapy can also be beneficial for those with immune disorders because it stimulates the immune system.

Other promising benefits of ozone therapy include improving circulation by clearing veins and arteries, cleansing the blood and the lymph, regulating the production of hormones and enzymes, minimizing pain, stopping bleeding, preventing shock, minimizing damage caused by stroke, improving cognitive function and reducing abnormal heart rhythm.

What About Blood Ozone Therapy For Cancer Treatment?

With blood ozone therapy, ozone is mixed with an equal amount of blood. It is then “gently swirled.” Ozone is converted into oxygen and the blood will now have a concentration of approximately 33% more than normal. This level of oxygen in the blood is not possible even if you exercise with an oxygen mask on.

In this process, the white blood cells produce immune-modulating substances that boost the immune system. When the blood is intravenously given back to the patient, they become highly oxygenated and their immune system is “supercharged.” This is crucial because cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments.

Blood ozone therapy also stimulates cytotoxic lymphocytes which can help “eliminate cancer and other chronic conditions.” It enables the immune system to “develop a fast response” by enhancing its capability and functionality.

Blood ozone therapy is one of the metabolic therapies offered at The LifeCo Clinic, as part of our integrative treatment program. We also offer high dose vitamin C, glutathione, artesunate, curcumin, and alpha-lipoic acid, among other botanically based therapies. Learn more about blood ozone therapy for cancer treatment by contacting us today.

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