Become a Patient

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Enquiring for yourself or loved one, for cancer treatment support

In order to become a patient and discuss treatment options and details, simply contact us for someone who;
– Just diagnosed with cancer or a malignant disease
– Has gone through conventional treatment and want to recover from damages
– Worried to build a disease due to genetic heritage, lifestyle etc. And wishes to prevent a possible chronic disease
Once you contact us regarding treatment options or a consultation with Dr.Lodi, we will start the conversation through email and phone at all times, for efficient progress.

Contact us[email protected]
Call us+66 980159196
Once the initial contact has been made, our guest relation manager will be getting in touch with you.

Identification of current status & Eligibility for treatment

The LifeCo Phuket Integrative Oncology Support & Well-Being center is a boutique, high individual care facility with no more than 7-8 patients hosted at one time.

Due to the requirement of precise and constant care and the clinic format, we are not accepting every potential patient for starting a treatment program. Identifying eligibility:
As to the initial step in preparing a therapy plan for a potential patient, we kindly request individuals to fill in a preliminary form, for us to have a clear understanding of the status.

Preliminary questions to address
– Functionality (patient’s ability to walk, eat, talk, breathe properly)
– Medical suitability
– Willingness for commitment
– The requirement of a supporter person
– Financial security

Receiving your answers

Once your filled form has been received by us, Dr.Lodi and our clinic staff will review the responses to decide whether the potential patient is eligible to start a treatment at The LifeCo Phuket or not.

The reviewed responses are checked for eligibility and if the potential patient is eligible for a treatment, a set of required reports and documentation will be kindly requested;

Required Reports & Documentations

– Most recent PET/CT scan results (2-3 months)
– Most recent blood test results (3-6 months)
– Pathology report
– Biopsy report
– Brief history and background information

Preparing the individual therapy plan

– When required reports & documentation are received by our team, they will be passed to Dr.Lodi.
– Dr.Lodi will examine the reports in order to prepare an estimate custom therapy plan for the individual.
– Estimate custom therapy plan consists of the following elements; The estimate custom therapy plan will be sent to the individual along with the estimate cost proposal.

Once the therapy plan and associated cost proposal is presented to you, we will be ready to answer your questions and further discuss the elements, details, options through a Skype meeting that will be arranged.

Final Skype Meeting

Following the delivery of the therapy plan and associated cost sheet, a Skype call between the individual and Dr.Thomas Lodi will be scheduled if required.

The Skype call aims to clarify all the details, therapy plan elements, questions and concerns, as well as final suggestions are to be conveyed by Dr.Thomas Lodi, in order to prepare the patient in the most effective way for the treatment program that will begin.

Logistics and preparing for the treatment

Once the patient agrees to commence the recommended therapy plan at The LifeCo Phuket, we will discuss on the dates, accommodation and any other specifications in regards to the preparation for the smoothest experience from the first day of visit.

Before you come, we will discuss the preferred accommodation type, the number of guests to accompany the patient, as well as agreeing on the most suitable flight fixture for the patient.

*In a case of hardship in using air transportation to Phuket, the patient will be assisted with required support and medical assistance throughout the journey.

Since the first day of consultation until the day of the first visit to Phuket, the patient will also be following the dietary guidelines and also instructions on medication, exercise, sleep and lifestyle that will be advised by Dr.Lodi before the treatment begins.


The nearest and only airport in Phuket city is the Phuket International Airport (HKT) which is 10-minute drive distance from The LifeCo facility.

There are many direct flights available to Phuket from Europe, Middle East, Far East and Oceania regions.Alternatively, many 1 stop flights could be found to arrive in Phuket.

When in Phuket

Once you arrive at the Phuket International Airport, you will be greeted by your private driver who will be driving you to the center comfortably, and your luggage will be checked-in by our front desk staff.

Phuket offers very few public transportation options and mostly depends on individual transportation.

If you require a personal vehicle, you can choose between renting a car or motorbike, hiring a private driver or simply asking for a cab service from The LifeCo’s front desk anytime.

We are also offering free hourly shuttle service from the main center to the beach bar on Nai Thon beach for your convenience.

Confirming reservation and payment

Please view the Payment Guidelines Sheet to see the payment procedure to be followed during the confirmation of your reservation and throughout the course of the treatment program.