Artesunate IV For Cancer

Artesunate IV For Cancer Treatment

Artesunate IV For Cancer

Artesunate IV for cancer treatment is administered intravenously in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Artesunate is normally used to treat malaria but did you know that it also has potential anti-cancer benefits? It is water-soluble so it can be administered intravenously. Artesunate iv for cancer treatment has been shown to target cancer cells specifically and do no harm to normal healthy cells.

It is a derivative of artemisinin, which is also known as sweet Annie or annual wormwood. It is native to China where it is known as ‘qinghao.’ It is an aromatic plant distinguished by its fern-like leaves and yellow flowers.

Artemisinin has been used as a fever treatment for over 2,000 years. It is also a traditional treatment for headaches, bacterial infection, and inflammation.

What are they saying about artesunate iv for cancer treatment?

In one study, researchers found that artemisinin was “more effective in killing cancer cells when combined with iron.” This is because cancer cells need iron to divide and reproduce. Iron “activates artemisinin,” which then generates “cancer-killing free radicals.” Refer

Another study from the University of Washington revealed that it is a “thousand times more specific” in killing particular cancer cells compared to current treatments. Additionally, artemisinin spares normal cells while targeting cancer cells.

In this study, they “bound artemisinin” to another cancer-killing compound to ‘fool’ the cancer cells to treat it as a harmless protein. The results showed that this combination destroyed leukemia cells without harming the white blood cells. With further studies, artemisinin could potentially be developed as a gentler alternative to aggressive cancer treatments.

In one research center for integrative oncology, initial data showed that artesunate IV, when combined with IV vitamin C, had a “positive impact” on advanced cancer patients. It has also been noted to have the potential for improving survival rates for breast cancer patients.

In one study, stage 4 patients who received IV vitamin C and artesunate had a 90% survival rate after 12 months. This compared to the 74% survival rate of those who did not receive the intravenous therapies. The results continued to vary after 24 months. The first group was able to maintain its 90% survival rate while the second group reported a 68% survival rate. There were also no adverse health effects related to the intravenous therapy group.

Artesunate IV Is Offered As One Of Our Metabolic Therapies At Our Cancer Care Center

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) supports clinical trials studying the effects and possible benefits of artesunate. In one trial, they are studying patients with “high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia.” Refer

These are precancerous cells that can possibly become cancer in the future. HPV (human papillomavirus) is a major factor in the changes that can lead to cancer. Artesunate can kill HPV-infected cells.

In another trial, researchers are observing the side effects of artesunate ointment among patients with “high-grade vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia.” In addition to helping treat patients, it can also prevent the need for surgical treatment. A third trial focuses on the side effects and the best dose of artesunate for cancer patients with solid tumors.

Artesunate IV is one of the metabolic therapies offered at The LifeCo Clinic. It is part of our integrative cancer care program. We also offer high dose vitamin C, glutathione, curcumin, and alpha-lipoic acid, among other botanically based therapies. Learn more about artesunate for cancer treatment. Contact us now.

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