Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers

When it comes to healing/curing cancer there has been a lot of controversy in the approaches. For many years the medical industry has believed in chemotherapy as the ultimate solution. However, it is now proven that chemotherapy worsens the cases significantly. Cancer treatment alternatives have been developed and tried over decades to find a solution that works.

The life expectancy after even a successful chemotherapy treatment is around 5 years on average. Metastasis is almost unavoidable and alternative cancer clinics in the World have not been heard for many years. There are in fact alternatives to chemotherapy and the doctors are finding common ground about the fact that some cancer treatment alternatives can be really more successful than chemotherapy/radiotherapy.

When it comes to alternative cancer clinics worldwide, we have to pay special attention to some countries, either because of their legitimate cancer clinics or because they have the most capable doctors in terms of alternative cancer treatment.

The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket is one of the alternative cancer treatments centers in Thailand with a very strong emphasis on detoxification and nourishment. The way to treat cancer is usually considered chemotherapy at early stages and unfortunately when the stages are worse and the options are more limited people tend to lean towards an alternative to chemotherapy.

Alternative treatment centers in Thailand especially The LifeCo Clinic in Phuket has been a pioneer in this particular approach and because it is located in a healing environment and considering the privacy of its guests, the healing process is enhanced. Dr. Thomas Lodi has been one of the defenders of this natural cancer treatment approach and he is a member of The LifeCo family.

If you are looking for an alternative cancer treatment center in Thailand, The LifeCo Phuket is the right choice for you