Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits

Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits From Treatment

Alpha Lipoic Acid Benefits

Were you aware that the alpha lipoic acid benefits extend beyond improving your skin to treating cancer?

Did you know that there is an organic compound made inside our cell’s mitochondrion which has powerful antioxidant properties? It’s called alpha-lipoic acid and its benefits are far-reaching. It is a “vitamin-like chemical” that is both water- and fat-soluble. This is why it can work in all cells and tissues of the body.

It is also abundant in food items like potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and organ meats. Our bodies produce alpha-lipoic acid in small amounts, so it is also given as a supplement to maximize its positive health effects.

As an antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid is associated with many benefits.

Memory loss, for instance, is believed to be caused by oxidative stress. Alpha-lipoic acid has been shown to possibly slow the progression of disorders marked by memory loss like Alzheimer’s disease. This is attributed to its ability to protect against free radicals and reduce inflammation.

There are also studies that show how alpha-lipoic acid can help “promote healthy nerve function.” Among those with carpal tunnel syndrome, it can help improve post-surgery recovery results and even slow the progression in the early stages. In Germany, high doses of this compound are approved for use in treating nerve-related symptoms.

Alpha lipoic acid is also a powerful agent that has been shown to “lower several markers of inflammation.”

Chronic inflammation is associated with diseases like cancer and diabetes. Further studies have shown that alpha-lipoic acid can help support weight loss goals.

Animal studies noted that it reduces the activity of AMPK—an enzyme that increases hunger pangs when active. Controlling AMPK was also found to help the body burn more calories at rest. In humans, current studies indicate that the weight loss effect is not as significant.

Among diabetics, it is known to aid in reducing blood sugar levels. Studies show that it can decrease insulin resistance and lower levels of fasting blood sugar and HbA1c. It can also help ease diabetes complications particularly nerve and eye damage.

In another study, researchers found that those who applied a cream containing alpha-lipoic acid had “reduced fine lines, wrinkles and skin roughness with no side effects.” It also enhances the effects of other antioxidants like glutathione.

For those with cardiovascular problems, alpha-lipoic acid can aid in improving endothelial dysfunction. This occurs when blood vessels cannot dilate properly, thus increasing the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Taking supplements can also reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol levels among people with metabolic diseases.

What about the benefits of alpha-lipoic acid for cancer?

A 2005 study found that alpha-lipoic acid promotes “mitochondrial respiration inside cancer cells in the colon.” This means that it increases the production of oxygen inside cancer cells, which then promotes apoptosis (programmed cell death) and elimination of mutated cells.

Another study( noted that alpha-lipoic acid prevents the “initiation and promotion stages of carcinogenesis,” making it a likely “chemopreventive agent” in obesity-related cancers.

It was also found to have the potential to “interact with tumor cell metabolism and to negatively influence cancer growth” in vitro and in vivo. Refer

Among patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can help prevent the spread of metastatic cancers which may be caused by cellular damage from radiation treatments. Alpha-lipoic acid inhibits the growth of new blood vessels that ‘feed’ cancer cells and helps make antioxidants “more readily available” to cells.

This potent antioxidant is one of the intravenously administered and botanically based metabolic therapies offered at The LifeCo Clinic. Learn more about alpha-lipoic acid benefits for cancer treatment and its importance in integrative treatment. Contact us now.

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