The LifeCo’s 3 Step Cancer Treatment Approach

Stop Making Cancer

First and foremost, the patient goes through a deep cleansing procedure to change the body’s biochemistry where it is no more a suitable host for the cancer cells to feed, grow and spread. This is important before evaluating Cancer Treatment Options at The LifeCo

Target Cancer Cells

There are certain enzymes in cancer cells and healthy cells that are able or unable to neutralize the treatments. The metabolic treatments used in the program are easily neutralized by healthy cells where could not be by cancer cells, resulting in the elimination of harmful cells.

Enhance the Immune System

The destructed immune system has to be awakened and strengthened to be able to keep the individual prepared and strong for future challenges, so we decrease the chances of a relapse once the cancer is gone.

Enquire about Treatment Options

Dr. Thomas Lodi on “The Fundamentals of Cancer Treatment”

We integrate conventional naturopathic medicine homeopathic medicine Ayurvedic medicine traditional Chinese medicine, we bring all together because every one of them is useful to some degree and so what we have learned is that it’s necessary to integrate them but the foundation of what we do which is antithetical to what most medical doctors and scientists do, is we have a reverence and respect for nature and nature is always our guide and we work with nature not against it.

Cancer Treatment Option

What cancer is is a cell or a group of cells that have lost the ability to use oxygen and once they lose the ability to use oxygen they go into a default mode of metabolic functioning called glycolysis or fermentation. The role of cancer treatment centers is only complete when you can understand it’s a natural thing that happens in all biological systems if you run up the street and your legs start to ache the reason they’re aching is that you’ve exceeded… Read More

We want to know more about your condition & requirements

The LifeCo Phuket Expertise

Established in 2005, The LifeCo has become one of the most trusted health partner of more than 30.000 people with it’s science-based and result-oriented approach in detoxification and holistic wellness. Having the 12-year experience of dealing with the most pandemic chronic diseases through its natural and 360° approach in disease management. Always aiming to leverage body’s own healing potential to treat diseases, The LifeCo’s expansive treatment programs utilize nutrition, exercise, mind and environment, becoming a sacred healing center rather than a clinic. A long friend Dr.Thomas Lodi and The LifeCo have merged their expertise to establish the LifeCo Integrative Oncology department in Phuket to address the cancer pandemic with a natural, effective and fundamental approach to healing.

Training for Cancer-Free Living 

One of the most significant aspects of the cancer treatment programs at The LifeCo is the training and education of the patients. To better acknowledge and be able to implement ways of keeping one’s health better, the patient must learn fundamentals of how to live a cancer-free life. The training and education cover nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, psychology and environment.

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